O Dance Association Continent wishes you a Happy Easter. The Holy Light of the Resurrection, let us enlighten souls and our lives. On Friday, April 16 will continue rehearsing the parts. Lazarus in many parts of the continent were saying Lazarotragouda. You can find Lazarotragouda the following link:

Τραγούδια του Λαζάρου

I quote an excerpt from the book of Stephen Fasias:

"Η νοικοκυρά του σπιτιού με τη σειρά της περίμενε τα Λαζαρούδια, να μας ακούσει και να μας δώσει αυγά, σταφίδο-στραγάλα και σπάνια χρήματα. Σε κάθε σπίτι ανάλογα με την οικογενειακή και κοινωνική κατάσταση που βρίσκονταν, λέγαμε και το αντίστοιχο τραγούδι." Παραπομπή από βιβλίο: Στέφανος Φασιάς ,Έτος.(2013) "ΑΠΟ ΤΗΝ ΑΠΟΚΡΙΑ ΣΤΟ ΠΑΣΧΑ ΚΑΤΑΓΡΑΦΕΣ ΕΘΙΜΩΝ ΑΠΟ ΤΟ ΧΩΡΙΟ ΚΑΜΠΗ ΑΡΤΑΣ",(κεφ. ΙV, σ. 31) for more information you can read the book on the link below:

Από την αποκριά στο Πάσχα: Καταγραφές Εθίμων από το χωριό Καμπή Άρτας, Στέφανος Φασιάς (2013)


Because of Folklore Excursion in Arta today Sunday, March 22 rehearsal will NOT take place! The rehearsal Tuesday, March 24 will take place normally.

The program is as follows:

Day 1 - Saturday

Time 8: 00pm. Departure from the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. A short stop for coffee in Grevena (Strata). At 12: 00pm. Stop tour of Lake Ziros. Time 13: 30pm. Arrival at Vyzantino.taktopoiisi hotel, meal -xekourasi. 'Time 16: 00-16: 30 departure for the tour of Arta bridge and folklore museum. Afternoon coffee on the hill of Arta (tourist pavilion) overlooking the Amvrakikos and the plain Alternate free time in the town of Arta. Time 20: 00pm return to the hotel, rest. 21:30 central bridge beside the .synantisi bridge with folk and traditional artists Artin (Cantarella, etc.) -glenti .gefsi of local delicacies (ewe lamb spit pork etc. and fasting). Time 02: 00pm return to the hotel.

Day 2 - Sunday

'Time 09: 00pm Breakfast. Time 11: 00-11: 30am departure from the hotel to the town of Arta. Browsing -xenagisi the Virgin of Consolation (or Parigoritria) Castle Amvrakia pilgrimage to Saint Theodora relaxing coffee in a separate part of the city. Travelling in Amvrakikos in the beautiful island Koronisia, lunch stop, a cheese of the region .Episkepsi markets in the historical village Strevina. Return. The program can be amended accordingly.

Have fun!

The tour will take place from Artin Goula and phase


The '3o Epirus Feast', marks the introduction as an important and unique cultural event in our city. The Saturday, March 7th danced and have fun together in the Centre Poulkas with Papageorgiou Vassilis Yiannos Tsepas, George Patsouras, Kassimis Sotiris Taki Paliogiannis, Paul Lazokitsios and our own John Litsos. We may be experiencing the greatest social challenge, but this is exactly the time to give a meaningful and qualitative festival, full of emotions, learning and committed to the joy of life!

The Board wishes to thank all those who honored us in this event, but mainly those who, disguised and apparently contributed to the organization of this event. We would like to thank the Dance Association of Disabled people Filipposhonored us with his presence and Andri Pascaru.

Thank all of you for honoring us with your presence and participating in this event.

In the following link you can find videos of our presence

3ο Ηπειρώτικο Πανηγύρι - 1ο Μέρος 


3ο Ηπειρώτικο Πανηγύρι - 2ο Μέρος 


The Folkore dance group of Thessaloniki Epirus will hold Folklore Excursion in Arta on 21-22 of March. For more information and participation in the excursion contact Anthimidou Eleni Tel 6945130932




The Carnival (or Halloween) holds three weeks and ends on Shrove Tuesday. A traditional continental tradition was the gape and skylok'nia. Among women played on the "hasko", where a woman tie a boiled egg and waved with the rope in the air in front of the mouth of each woman. The other tried to catch it with their mouth. Whoever caught the entitled and ate. This game was played by men. "The custom of skylok'nias made the morning of carnival. This custom is recorded in the plains of Assam until 1983 and previously said, you might become and sto village of Petra and the surrounding area. The older remember to children as well as stories of their grandparents. " Reference book of Stefanos Fasias, Year. (2013) "FROM THE CARNIVAL IN EASTER RECORDINGS customs from Campos village ARTA" (ch. E, p. 18).

You can read details about the skylok'nia and gape for Traditional Customs of Epirus in the book "From the carnival to Easter" where to find it at the following link:





In exchange program within the new Folklore Dance group Epirus participated in reviving traditional marriage from Epirus in Mudurnu Turkey. Young people from all countries helped in the revival of the custom and actively participated in realization of. Our Epirus Dance Group presents the video of the successful international meeting. We would like to remind all the 'Epirus 3rd Festival' to be held on March 7 at the Center Poulka.






The Dancing Association of Thessaloniki Epirus organizes the "3rd Festival of Epirus' and invites you all Saturday, March 7 at 20:00pm to dance and have fun together in Poulkas Centre at 10.5 km institutional \ victory Kavala (DERVENI). Musicians from the Continent and throughout Greece will join the celebration.

More details on February 20th.

We wait for all!





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